My Organic Balcony Garden – SECRET Herbs For HAIR GROWTH | Sushmita’s Diaries

Hello Everyone, I am sharing a glimpse of my balcony garden that has hair growth promoting herbs and plants. Since Mumbai city has tiny apartments, I have grown some medicinal plants in tiny pots. I use these herbs to prepare various hair growth promoting oils and masks. PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO HERE : ************************************** ************************************** FIND ME ON: WEBSITE: […]

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3 Best Ways To Permanently Straighten Hair At Home|Sushmita’s Diaries

how to straighten hair naturally at home

Hi Everyone, Some of us are born with wavy or even curly hair,which is quite beautiful. However,the charm of straight and more manageable hair hardly fails to tempt most. So,today I would share 3 easy yet very effective natural remedies with which you an ease out your curls and make your hair appear straighter. Please watch the video below for […]

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My Hair Care Routine for Long & Healthy Hair| Sushmita’s Diaries

Hi Everyone, Through this video, I am sharing my broad weekly hair care routine. I have included everything right from oiling, shampoo, conditioning, drying, brushing etc. This might not be the best hair routine ever, however, it works fine for my hair type. Hope You enjoy. ************************************************** WATCH THE VIDEO HERE : ************************************************** BUY INGREDIENTS HERE : Shampoo : Argan […]

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Chia Seeds Benefits for Hair Growth | Sushmita’s Diaries

chai seeds benefits hair

Hi Everyone, Chia Seeds or Sabza pack so much goodness for your hair, nails and skin. A true nature’s gift, they are great for weight loss, stimulating hair growth, controlling blood pressure and so much more. Hope you enjoy the video. ************************************************** WATCH THE VIDEO HERE : ************************************************* BUY INGREDIENTS HERE : Amazon : Flipkart : BEST DEALS OF […]

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Travel Hair Care Essentials|What To Pack For GREAT HAIR On Vacation|Sushmita’s diaries

travel hair care essentials

*********************************************** WATCH THE VIDEO HERE  : *********************************************** IF YOU WISH,YOU CAN BUY PRODUCTS HERE : Baby Oil : Oil in Cream : Scarf : ************************************************ FIND ME ON: WEBSITE: INSTAGRAM:… FACEBOOK: ROPOSO:… TRAVEL DEAL OF THE DAY : ************************************************* Check Out My HINDI Channel:… *************************************************  

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Top 5 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Head LICE & Nits | Sushmita’s Diaries

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Head LICE & Nits

I am going to share some the most effective home remedies to get rid of head lice & Nits.   ******************************* PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO FOR FULL DETAILS ******************************* BUY INGREDIENTS HERE : Coconut Oil : Camphor : Tea Tree Essential Oil : BEST DEALS OF THE DAY : ******************************* FIND ME ON: TWITTER : INSTAGRAM:… […]

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What I Eat In A Day For HEALTHY HAIR

What to eat for healthy hair

Hi Everyone, Through this video, I am sharing my diet schedule on any random day. I obviously eat different meals on different days. Though, this diet etches my principle food habits. I am a vegetarian Indian and that reflects in my food patterns. Though, I try to include most nutritious vegetarian food items on my platter. Please watch the video […]

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Indian Ayurveda Marma Pressure Point Head Massage For Extreme Hair Growth & Relaxation|Sushmita’s Diaries

Indian Ayurveda Marma Pressure Point Head Massage For Extreme Hair Growth & Relaxation

Hi Everyone, Here, I am sharing the ancient Ayurvedic Indian pressure point head massage technique for extreme hair growth and relaxation. Marma Pressure Points are scattered throughout the body including head, neck and the face. These Marma Points when pressed boost blood circulation and hence enhance hair growth and cures other problems like headache, stress, anxiety, insomnia, tinnitus etc. Please […]

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